Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Butterbell bit the dust

This is really one of my favorite little gadgets ever. I love real butter. I don't like margarine. But I hate how the real butter gets so hard in the refrigerator, and so icky and messy when it stays out.

So the Butterbell solved those little problems. You pack a cube of butter into the bell shaped lid, and add a bit of water to the crock to create a seal to keep your butter fresh and cool, but not cold. It stays fresh--they say up to thirty days--and it is so easy to spread.

Sadly, Simone knocked
it off the counter last week and mine shattered. But if you are still looking for Christmas ideas, this is a great little item. I bought
ours for $20 at the local health food store. But I haven't seen them anywhere else. You can buy them online here.


Jess said...

Hi! This is Jess from Mofs.

I just love my butter bell! I think I would cry if it broke. Home you can get a new one soon!

islandgirl said...

Cool idea, thanks for sharing, you always have the neatest ideas!

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