Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Review: The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids

This is by far my favorite book for family nutrition. The nutrition information is grounded in clean eating principles. So you aren't going to find a lot of processed ingredients. What you will find is a full-color complete guide to transitioning your family to clean eating and some great meals to get you going. The book has a lot of information and success stories that is also very motivating.
Going against the grain and limiting what we feed our kids can be frustrating and a lot of work at times. We may even run into negativity from friends and family. So it is nice to have the validation that eating clean and helping our families to live healthier lives is a worthy goal.

I've seen the other hide-the-veggies-in-your-kid's-dessert books. I own Sneaky Chef and strongly prefer the Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids. I want my kids to learn that vegetables are a good thing. Those other books are probably best for kids who are very stubborn or moms who are really concerned with getting more nutrients into their picky eater. But I think most kids like blueberries, carrots, and the like as long as their options are limited. If my kids are choosing between Captain Crunch and blueberries, the Captain Crunch will win every time. So it makes sense that my kids always eat better and are less picky when they don't have the choice of eating the junk. Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids also has some great tips to hep avoid food power struggles as well and the recipes are not complicated or too strange.
I am excited to try the egg salad sandwich. I'll make it tomorrow and report back.

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Carrie said...

I'll have to look for this next time I am at the bookstore. I need something down-to-earth to help me transition the whole family to eating more clean foods. It doesn't help that my husband makes snack foods for a living!

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