Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is what I've eaten for lunch for the last few days. I love it! It is so tasty, and crisp. And so fast!

It is just organic leaf lettuce (while I don't eat all organic foods, I try to eat organic greens--get your spinach and spring mix at Costco and the others at the health food store, here in Utah it isn't much more than conventional), tomato, onion, turkey, avocado, and Annie's Naturals Honey Mustard. I had a side of steamed broccoli with mine. One of these is about175 calories (estimating high). I usually have a couple of them.

I was standing in line at the deli at Wild Oats and learned a great little trick. The man in front of me ordered some turkey that normally is just sliced off in a chunk I guess. It is real turkey, not the pressed stuff. So it is shaped like the real deal (I should take a picture) and he had it sliced up for sandwiches. It is really good! Just like your thanksgiving turkey --no slimy stuff like most packaged turkey. I put a few apple juice sweetened dried cranberries on it yesterday, and it was really good. Ooh, those are a new favorite too. Good Earth sells the tastiest little TART cranberries. I love tart things!

I haven't converted to buying free range chicken yet, but if I get sandwich meat, it has to be good quality. I love the pastrami spiced turkey at Wild Oats. Even Wal-mart has one that is pretty good. It doesn't have nitrites added. It is the Prima Della peppered turkey breast. Jared is the one who actually read the ingredients, and it has been a couple of years--so you may want to recheck.

Nitrites are really scary! They are known to cause cancer, but are found in most processed meat as a preservative. Here is a link to more info on it: Good idea to stay away from hot dogs. But we all knew that anyway, right? :)

Don't leave out the onions if you like them! Onions are so good for you. I had no idea, and even though I like them, I haven't been eating them as much because Jared hates them raw. But onions are great for lowering cholesterol, helping digestion, and are also great for diabetics. They truly are a healing food! Read more about them at


lisapow said...

ohhhh I soooo love love love this blog!!! yummy!

kelly said...

Any secrets to keeping your lettuce-wich together when you eat it?

Shandi Brown said...

I am soo excited about your ideas! I love it! Where do you get your healthy oils and protien? I want to make your breakfast drink.
Do you get most of your food at health food stores? And if you have some time I would love to know snack ideas like which yogurt you buy and other foods that you have just around the house that you like.

Keri and Corey said...

Sheree, what a great idea! I have been trying to eat a little healthier around here too! nothing like you though, but you have always been good like that.
I love the lettuce-wich. I actuall eat my hamburgers like that.

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