Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fun with Fruit--Fresh Fruit Cake

This is great for those who have to limit sugar. I made one of these for one of Elise's birthday parties and honestly it was the first time the kids have actually eaten the cake. Maybe that says something about my baking skills!

So this isn't very pretty, I threw it together in just a few minutes and didn't cut my pineapple logs very squarely. But it was yummy and Miles enjoyed it! You could do tons of cool artsy flowers out of fruit.

I cut the pineapple in giant slices around the core. It would be neat if I had a pineapple corer and could do scallops, but I don't.

Anyway, then I used the giant pineapple slabs and cut those into about three to four inch logs. Stacked them like bricks, and inserted toothpicks vertically and pressed them down until they pierced the bottom layer and stuck out enough to hold the top too. Then I just filled the ring with strawberries and blackberries.

Miles was very excited and thought it was his fourth birthday. "Oh, my BIRTHDAY cake, we need fire!" So I put in some candles with the bottoms that have a pick on them, and he had fun eating the "cake" and blowing out candles.



Angela said...

What an adorable cake idea! That is great!!

I love the popcorn instructions too and now I know how to make beans. I've always been too scared and I've been wasting my money on the canned ones. Thanks for all your great posts!

lisapow said...

I want that cake for my birthday! Yummy!!

chelon:) said...

it looks beautiful! what a great idea :)

HoustonMamaJenn said...

This is amazing! I just found your blog through a friends and am so excited!! I LOVE Healthy Recipes and I love this recipe especially. My father in law just had some major health issues and can only eat certain things. We're about to throw him a Surprise Party and this will be perfect for him!!
Thankyou for sharing your amazing recipes!!

islandgirl said...

Hi Sheree!

I just wanted to drop a note and say hi! I LOVE this idea for a blog..still need to get that salad recipe from you that you made at Adhis' baby shower, even though it wasn't exactly healthy with all that sugar, I want it, LOL! Strawberries and lettuce are good for you ;)

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