Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Greek Salad (Pasta Optional)

I love this salad! It is one of my favorites. Very light, fresh and lots of flavor. I use this Athenos dressing, but there are lots of other great homemade greek dressing recipes that are wonderful with lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs.

The ingredients are:

2 chicken breasts grilled with lemon pepper and sliced
4 cups spinach
2 English cucumbers (no peeling necessary)
3 tomatoes
a few slices of onions
roughly 1/2 cup Kalamata olives, 28 to be exact! (also from Costco)
roughly 1 cup artichoke hearts, or 12 (the marinated ones from Costco)
1/3 cup Athenos Greek Dressing with Feta cheese (Wal-mart)
Pasta optional--not included in servings, calorie and nutrition info.

If you need a good pasta salad, you can add pasta to it. I put the pasta in for my kids, but I like it better without. I do not recommend the brand that is pictured--Hodgson Mill--I think it tastes terrible. But there are other great whole wheat pastas out there. Wal Mart has one that is better than this stuff and it is really cheap. Its called Heartland.

First, we grilled the chicken on our little indoor grill then sliced it. We chopped the onions, tomatoes and cucumbers in a bowl, put everything else in a bowl and mixed it up. It was very quick and easy. I cooked the pasta separately and added it to the kids servings.

Without the pasta, this makes six large servings.

Each serving contains:
208 calories
12 g fat
11.5 g protein
4.2 g fiber



lisapow said...

yummy!!! It must be dinner time because I totally want to eat that NOW!!

bgerson said...

Hi Sheree, I found your site through Chelon's..thank you for compiling these recipes! I haven't read thru all of them yet but they all sound yummy, quick and EASY!
I'm not sure if you heard that our 11yr old was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes last year. It's been an eye opener to read labels and see how much JUNK is in the food we eat! Thanks again!

Angela said...

I know you talked about doing this site and what a great job you are doing following through with it! Your pictures of the food are amazing! I am excited to give them a try! Good for you for doing this- I admire you so much!!

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